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The law firm QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS was founded as a multidisciplinary law firm on 1 June 1998 with the purpose of representing the interests of individual clients and companies. Over the years the clientele has expanded due to our consulting work and representation of small and medium sized Spanish companies. Due to the growing competition worldwide, the law firm also represents a large number of foreign companies who have branch offices or subsidiaries here in Spain, or who want to establish a business in the Spanish commercial or real estate sectors.

             One of the main features of our law firm is the objective of being able to provide our clients with all-round legal solutions and to offer them, prior to any legal disputes, a consulting service that puts them in an advantageous position. The best practice is a good and early preparation, as it saves money and time afterwards. Therefore, we ask our clients to inform us of their plans before they sign any contracts or do business with third parties. The communication between client and law firm is very important regarding a successful outcome for both parties. We are able to communicate with our clients in Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

         Furthermore, a quality service and efficient processing characterize our law firm. Our clients can rely on us to reply to e-mails, letters etc. as soon as possible, and meet agreed deadlines.

       The independence of our law firm allows cooperation with other law firms, banks or finance houses etc. of all kinds.

Calle Portugal, 24-8-D · 03003 Alicante