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Company and Commercial Law

QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS offers legal advice in all sectors of company and commercial law, from pre-advising to advising during the process of a company foundation as well as advising the subsequent operating company and even representing the client in the case of a legal dispute.

Efficient advice right from the beginning helps to prevent problems and in this way saves a lot of money and time.
Due to the current economic crisis our law firm has specialised in recovering outstanding payments.

Tax and Labour Law
QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS offers detailed legal advice in this area since we consider it as one of the most important legal areas for our clients. We take care of all the tax and accounting issues of our clients to enable them to concentrate on other important business matters and on the success of their businesses. The law firm informs the client in due time of all his fiscal obligations.

Criminal Law
QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS has many years of experience of criminal law suits, including representing either plaintiff or defendant in a variety of penal cases.

 Traffic Law
 QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS has represented many accident victims and acted for/represented their rights in court. Initially, we try to reach an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company for the purpose of agreeing an indemnity payment.
Tenancy Law
QUIROGA ARAGÓN LAWYERS AND TAX ADVISERS offers a detailed consultancy for lessees as well as lessors. Good advice before concluding a tenancy contract is essential.

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